I love that new site smell . . .

By April 18, 2011In the News

…and this website has the smell of fine Corinthian Leather. Ok, unless you are at least 30 you probably don’t remember the Chrysler commercials featuring Ricardo Montalb√°n, but this new site feels like driving a brand new car. This model has a lot of features our old site couldn’t even imagine. A collaborative authoring environment that invites participation, a blog that allows frequent updates, rss feeds on every page, customer support features like chat and much, much more.

How it’s built

We’ve decided to use an open source platform called WordPress to build our site on. At first, we thought WordPress was only for blogs, but we soon discovered that it offered many tools and plugins that go beyond the blogging world and into the content management world. These tools include a back end that allows us to create content in a collaborative way, media management for images and videos and all sorts of performance tools that help us deliver our site at break-neck speed.

What new?

Everything. We’ve worked from the ground up on everything from design to copy. You may also notice that there is no reference to¬†eWorkOrder anywhere on the site. Don’t worry, our product isn’t going anywhere, but our solutions have expanded well beyond work orders. In the last few years we’ve added asset management, purchasing, projects and so much more, that the eWorkOrder name wasn’t doing our product justice. So farewell eWorkOrder and hello Big Sky!

Other than our flagship product changing it’s name, we’ve also added a blog (if you are reading this your probably already know about it). That’s right folks, Big Sky has entered the world of social media. We blog about news and events here in the office, as well as in the retail and technical worlds. We enjoy sharing stories with other retail bloggers, especially when it has to do with technology. We’ve also created a twitter (@bigskytech) and Linkedin account allowing us to not only stay informed on the happenings in retail, but also let other people know about what we’re working on and thinking about.

What’s next?

This new website will allow us to add some great new benefits for our customers and our partners. Our new site makes it easy to add a resource page with tutorials, documentation, quick tips and best practices for our users to view anytime they like. We also plan to add a forum that will allow our users to collaborate on new ways to use Big Sky, as well provide feedback to help us make the system better.

Stay tuned for updates on our blog and some of the new features that are planned. We’re looking forward to sharing our knowledge while researching and learning from others in the industry.

Shout outs

We would like to thank a few organizations and individuals who have provided software and/or information to help us build this new site: