Networking with Retail Service Providers

During the last PRSM show I made it a point to meet with all of the contractors and vendors that use Big Sky on a regular basis. This group of users is by far the biggest group using our system and often offer some of the best ideas for future releases.

Aside from meeting face to face and asking questions about how Big Sky is being used, I also asked everyone about their social media marketing plan. Now, let me first make one thing very clear. Big Sky is not a Search Engine Optimization firm, a Marketing firm, or any other kind of firm that is going to help you market your products and services directly. That doesn’t mean that we don’t all stand to gain from using social media tools like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook in a productive way.

This spring Big Sky began using several tools to help organize and maximize our efforts. One of them is this blog. Our blog serves as a starting point for almost all of our social media efforts. For example, when a blog post is published, we cross post it to Twitter, LinkedIn Groups and Facebook. Not only does this get interested parties to visit our site, it also starts conversations. These conversations build market awareness for product and services while helping to establish credibility in the field.

Ok, get to the point already! Our call to action is a relatively simple one. We’re asking you, as members of the Retail and Restaurant Facility Management Industry, to get online, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn, join groups and contribute to the conversation. Together, we can create an online presence that builds awareness and educates our common customers.

You can easily start this process by clicking the “Tweet” and “Like” buttons below. This will share this article and help get the word out. If you have any questions, we’re always here to talk. You can contact us in a number of ways via our contact page and you can e-mail me at akrier at bigskytech dot com.

Here are a few Facility Maintenance and Asset Management groups that we contribute to.

Please, let us know if there are others we should join.

You can also add our link and logo to your website by copying and pasting this code into your site. This will show that your company is proficient with Big Sky and could easily accept, update and invoice through Big Sky.

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