This year’s RFMA Gives initiative gave Big Sky an opportunity to help a unique restaurant in Denver – SAME Café. SAME (So All May Eat) is unique in that its menu doesn’t have prices. It’s also unique in that all of its food is sourced from local, organic farmers and suppliers. So how does this work? Great food for free? Kind of, but not really.

To quote Brad and Libby Birky, the founders of SAME Café, “Everyone, regardless of economic status, deserves the chance to eat healthy food while being treated with dignity. Good food for the Greater Good.” SAME Café offers a place where no matter who you are, or what you have, you can walk in, be greeted with a smile, and enjoy a wonderfully cooked, healthy meal. You give what you can, whether it’s money, time in the kitchen, supplies, or anything else that can help.

This is Big Sky’s first year of membership with RFMA, and when we heard about RFMA Gives, we wanted to help. Unfortunately, we don’t have technicians and equipment in house to help with a kitchen remodel, but we did notice that the SAME Café website was in serious need of repair. We immediately contacted RFMA Gives and SAME Café and the ball started rolling.

The resulting meetings, design and development have left SAME Café with a website that they can be proud of (hey, we’re proud of it too!). Patrons can follow their blog, check today’s menu, volunteer, donate and even buy supplies from the SAME Café Amazon Wishlist. We plan to provide ongoing support to Brad and Libby and hopefully, we’ll make it to Denver soon so we can try some of their great food.