Big Sky Community Outreach

Well, we have officially entered the holiday season in the Retail and Restaurant world. With so much chatter and web traffic focused on Black Friday and sales projections, it is always refreshing to see the effort that our industries push to give back to the community this time of year. Big Sky has been happy to be a part of three different outreach efforts in the past few weeks, and wanted to thank the various organizers for their selfless dedication and time.


RFMA Gives 2015 Big Sky spent the day with the RFMA Gives team to contribute some muscle and labor to the unbelievable effort at the East County Transitional Living Center. ECTLC provides meals, education, job training, job placement, and emergency and long term living options to families and individuals that have fallen on hard times. The RFMA Gives team has been able to give their entire facility a lift with a new kitchen, parking lot, machinery, and paint, to allow them to continue to fulfill their fantastic purpose with a better suited facility. Thanks to the RFMA Gives team and Tim Corcoran for your heroic efforts!


PRSMLive Coast2Coast It is always fun attending the PRSM Live events no matter where they happen around North America. This month’s Coast2Coast event to benefit Toy for Tots brought retailers and vendors together in cities across the continent for a good cause. Big Sky brought some Legos and a Wookie and jumped into the Irvine gathering and got to catch up with friends and partners from across Southern California. Thanks to the PRSM Event team, Lynn Van, and Toys for Tots for all that you do.

The Road Ahead Foundation Big Sky was very happy to contribute to and attend The Road Ahead Foundation‘s 2014 Holiday Event in Dallas last week. The foundation raises awareness and helps provide services to America’s large, underserved orphan population. This year’s event featured the Former First Lady Laura Bush as the keynote speaker and a heartfelt address from its founder, Michael Koch, all on the way to raising a quarter of a million dollars to go toward the children and facilities of St Ann’s Center in Hyattsville, MD.