A few years ago when we first released the Big Sky Purchasing Module, the primary application in mind was to help facility departments create PO’s for facilities-related fixtures and supplies. It didn’t take long for one of our customers to ask a simple question; could they replace a paper form that their stores filled out and faxed to the distribution center for bags, boxes and hangers with an online catalog? You heard that correctly, we said fax.

Easy enough. We were able to obtain the original document and create catalog items with images in Big Sky that the stores could use to create an order. Before long, we had completely streamlined the process, making it as easy for the store to request goods as it was to request service, while also bringing transparency and full lifecycle reporting to a once antiquated work flow.

Since then, we have added everything from Gift Cards to Bags and Boxes, and from Visual Merchandising to HR New Hire Packs into various customers’ catalogs. Anything that the store needs to obtain has ended up in their catalog, and over time we have added additional controls supporting specific catalogs for store type or level, and limiting quantities able to be requested at a given time or over a period of time.

Lamp and lighting orders are relatively new to the Purchasing Module, most likely for a couple of reasons; one is that lighting companies have done a pretty good job of offering modern ordering portals for their clients. Another is that the task is daunting when you start to account for the quantity and variety of lamps and lighting fixtures present in your stores. Regardless of the reason, Big Sky now offers an integrated process for lighting suppliers to keep their catalog updated, receive orders placed by store or corporate personnel, send shipping and order status back to Big Sky so that stores and buyers alike can easily track their orders on the same dashboard they use for everything else, and finally – automatically generate invoices that get queued up for approval just like your service invoices.


Keep Your Catalog Up to Date

Big Sky offers a format and scheduling sequence that allows the vendor’s catalog items to be updated and created automatically. This keeps the content, availability, and pricing in the catalog consistent and current.


Consolidate Orders

Big Sky provides orders in a consolidated file, allowing your vendors to simply import purchase orders into their own system and avoid double entry.


Get Current Shipping and Exception Information

Vendors can send updates to Big Sky when an item is backordered and again when it is eventually shipped. This keeps your stores and buyers in the know without having to chase information on the status.


Automate Invoices

There’s nothing worse than having to approve hundreds, if not thousands of invoices for one-off orders. Through our integration a vendor can create invoices in Big Sky automatically and queue them up for approval in the same manage invoice screen you use for the rest of your approvals.

To make a long story short:

You should talk to us about getting your lighting vendor integrated. If you’re already using the purchasing module, it’s free for everyone involved (including your vendors)! If you’re not using the purchasing module, what are you waiting for!?

Schedule a demo with us ASAP and let’s get started.