Where is that Info Again?

It’s an age-old problem typically met with an age-old solution: How to provide the people in your organization with the information that they need to do their jobs.  Things like procedures, documentation, guidelines, and brand information and expectations, but this is just a start. You and your teams are familiar with your own internal documents, they are there in the stores, stuffed in a binder in the back of house, not particularly accessible or user-friendly. Instead, they call you (not ideal).

Tell Me Exactly What You Need. . .

Big Sky has an alternative that leverages our simple and intuitive decision tree as an electronic library to provide the proper documents for the matter at hand. Your store teams know the problem they have, and they know there is an answer in the documentation; they just don’t know which file it is buried in. A documentation decision tree can deliver a few pointed questions and offer the right information for the job.

In-Context Provision of Information

Often users do not know they are looking for documentation, which is where the standard facilities and operations decision tree can help. In the process of making a request for service or reporting a need, Big Sky can embed training material, troubleshooting, or the correct piece of documentation in context, potentially heading off extraneous communication or costly dispatch of a service provider.

Image by Marcus Hansson from Göteborg, Sweden (The best days are not planned) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)]