Big Sky Customers Learn and Collaborate at User Group Meetings in NYC and SF

Big Sky customers came from far and wide to attend two User Group meetings at the end of 2015. This was the second year that we hosted bicoastal meetings, with one in NYC and one in San Francisco, and once again the gatherings proved to be both informative and educational for the attendees, as well as a lively forum for conceiving and exchanging ideas regarding the different applications of Big Sky.

Both days started off with an overview of the year at Big Sky, with most of the excitement surrounding our continued growth and the requisite additions we have made this year to our customer base (near 50 now!), team (5 new employees), house (new office space), and infrastructure (see below).

The conversation continued with an informative session on our infrastructure improvements and what that means in terms of uptime, reliability, and security for the application and customer data. Big Sky brought a fully redundant Tier IV Gold colocation online in 2015, which basically means we can fail over to one should the other vanish in a cloud of dust.

The bulk of the day, however, was spent on an overview of all the exciting features and enhancements coming out in version release 3.5.2 which is currently being rolled to customers.  From a store calendar view, to seamless formal RFQs, to the single store view and spend snapshot, this release is bursting with new tools for all of our customers. A testament to our Product Change Request (PCR) system, most of these features started as simple ideas conceived in the everyday communications we share with our customers, and grew into full fledged new features.  To help you understand the scope, there were over 70 feature enhancements in this release (that is a LOT).

Some ideas, of course, did not make the cut for this release, but have been scheduled for development in 2016.  More to come on that in the coming months.

The afternoon was reserved for questions, breakout sessions, and group collaboration.  It is always interesting to hear Facility and Ops Managers from restaurant, retail, C-store, and storage companies discuss how they use the system.  There is more overlap than you would imagine!

Thanks to all of our customers who attended the meetings, we look forward to seeing you all next year – we just may need to add the Midwest. . .