We’re proud of what we’ve built

Check out the demos below to get an understanding of the core processes handled through Big Sky. If that doesn’t quite give you enough of a look, we are always happy to show off our latest functionality and interface improvements in a real live meeting.

Location Request on Mobile

Take a look at the mobile interface demo and see how Big Sky’s Smart Troubleshooting makes it quick and easy to create any type of request.

Location Request on Desktop

See how a Location Manager places a request in Big Sky from their dashboard through the simple decision tree with a few clicks of the mouse.

Contractor Workflow

In this demo, follow a Contractor as they acknowledge receipt of a Work Order. Then join them on site and see how simply they can check in and check out of the job via the Big Sky mobile interface.

Work Order Overview

This demo shows how a Facility Manager creates a Work Order from a Store Request. Follow the simple flow from the initial request through to the completed work order and dispatch to a Contractor.