Stay ahead of surprises with Analytic Reporting

Make Data Driven Decisions

Your data will pile up quickly while tracking every aspect of your locations’ maintenance and operations on a daily basis. Big Sky’s built-in reporting and business intelligence tools will help reveal unexpected trends before they impact your business and clear the path to making better decisions.

Get real with the details

Take the guess work out of your operations by looking at real numbers pulled from everyday actions across all of your locations. We will do the heavy lifting and analyze large amounts of data quickly, with visualizations and metrics that strike the heart of the matter.

Nimbly create targeted executive reports for the C-level, roll-ups for the manager in the thick of it, and detailed drill down exception reports for everyone in your organization. Automate report production and schedule delivery to the inboxes of those that need to know, and get back to running your business.

Just add data

Big Sky comes standard with industry specific, proven report templates ready for use right out of the gates (you’ll need to amass some data first). Add filters, groupings, and keywords in the intuitive reporting interface and save the template to make them your own.

Take advantage of our flexibility to configure the tools to report against your own KPI’s and business rules; from vendor scorecards to accruals and complex cost analysis, measure against your expectations, not somebody else’s.

Intelligent Answers at your Fingertips


Gain insight into your team’s performance. From response times and total work cycle durations to workload distribution and peak request hours, understand the work flow and optimize to improve service and turnaround to your stores.


Create weighted scorecards for your contractors based on your own KPI’s. Track work acknowledgement, start times, completion times, check-in compliance and quality feedback from your stores to get a clear picture of performance across your locations.


Leverage analytics to understand spend and identify cost outliers by store, vendor, trade, or region. Set budgets for your accounts and accrue according to your rules.  Trust us when we say that you’ve never made accounting this happy before.