Get the most out of your assets

Tracking Assets is Easy in Big Sky

We wanted to make Asset Management a seamless component when going about your business. Simply tag the asset anywhere in the process from request to invoice to ensure the work and cost associated are rolled up into the life cycle history, then use the data to make educated decisions on spend, replacement, and maintenance.

Get Organized

Big Sky provides a flexible platform for organization of your assets and makes accessing their data easier than ever. Track different attributes based on the type of equipment, because all assets were not created equal; call on those attributes from a work order, store list, by name, or by unique identifier.

Activate Warranties

Don’t commit funds in a work order for an asset under warranty ever again. Let Big Sky track all of your asset warranties and automate alerts when you most need them. Forgot to tag the asset? No problem, we’ll still let you know.

More on Warranty Alerts

Preventive Maintenance

Set your PM schedule and preferred contractor in the asset record and let the fully automated recurring work order do the rest. Track maintenance costs and history for every asset in the system.

Reactive Service

Ensure every reactive service completed on a given piece of equipment is at your fingertips. Check for chronic issues, track spending, and use the data to help make better life cycle decisions.

Total Cost of Ownership

Track actual invoiced spend on preventative and reactive maintenance over the life of the asset. We’ll even be kind enough to alert you upon reaching your defined cost-to-value ratio for the asset in question.

Plan & Replace

We’ll track the planned replacement dates for your assets, so you can always have the whole picture when making tough decisions on spend versus replacement near the end of the asset life cycle.