Facility maintenance tools to suit the way you operate

The most advanced maintenance software for multi-locations

Big Sky’s integrated Facility and Operations Management tools provide the framework for you to get the job done right, the way they you want it to be done.  Our flexible software will work with you and fit your organization’s processes and culture, rather than forcing you to bend to someone else’s.  Establish processes for reactive, preventative, and contracted maintenance, control your costs, and manage your vendor base with an unmatched level of visibility and transparency.





Decision Tree Issue Reporting

Get it right the first time, every time

Give your locations a simple, intuitive way to give you the information that you need to solve the problem; provide troubleshooting and training in the process of the request to help solve the issue prior to dispatch; reinforce the brand through language and imagery along the way. Who knew a decision tree could do so much?

Track Progress

With realtime updates from the field

Want to reduce unnecessary communication and enhance response to exceptions? Give every user a dashboard that shows what matters to them, and organize it to highlight the things that need their attention. Follow that up with automated alerts and updates as they happen. From GPS check-in, to mobile feedback from the field, to overdue notices, never miss another important update again.

Work Better

Close the loop with ratings from your locations

With Big Sky, resolving issues as efficiently as possible is paramount. Automate your workflows based on trade, priority, or location to insure quick delivery response times with your trusted vendors, then lean on your SLAs to keep matters moving in the right direction, with alerts a fallback when they stall. The location sign-off closes the loop on completion of the work and gives everyone a voice.

Measure Everything

Capture trends with Reporting and Analytics

Every field in every document in Big Sky can be reported on, from static attributes to cost to time durations, in excel format or compiled using our BI tools. Pull a one-off report, or schedule a particularly loved report to be sent to yourself and others on a regular basis, and guarantee that you’ll always be prepared with data driven answers from real scenarios.

RFQ’s & Sourcing

From simple quotes to larger RFQs, Big Sky’s comprehensive sourcing tools can be called on seamlessly at any time in the workflow


Take advantage of the Vendor Scorecard to check in on, score, and compare contractor performance against your own KPIs over time.

Preventive Maintenance

Automate the creation and dispatch of PM work orders using Big Sky’s innovative template, and never worry about missing a PM again.

Contracted Maintenance

Simplify the management of high volume service contracts while maintaining work verification.  Roll thousands of services up into a single monthly work order and invoice.

Budget & Accruals

Load specific budget accounts and set your accrual rules and filters just the way you need them to see up to the minute financials on demand.

Cost Controls

Avoid unnecessary costs with troubleshooting, warranty alerts, and bundling. Set NTE’s, route approvals and manage invoices based on your business rules.