Effortless cost controls and invoice management.

Control and Streamline the Financials

Big Sky focuses heavily on the controls and processes in place to ensure that spend limits, approvals, and invoice data going into your AP system are handled in the right way. That is why we undergo an SSAE-16 audit every year. The benefit comes in the form of defined controls on spend and a lean invoicing process, which result in direct savings to every one of our customers.

Get Spending Under Control

Establish defined processes for checking spend throughout the workflow, starting with NTEs for every trade and issue in the system, and ending with rigid approval routing for the commitment of funds or the release of invoices. And it’s all configurable to your business rules.

Code from the Start

NTEs are defined from the outset based on the trade and issue, and define the maximum amount a contractor can invoice barring a quote and change approval. Cost center and GL code are also coded at the creation of the request and can only be modified by users with the proper access.

Manage Approvals

Who needs to sign off on this one? No need to ask, as we can automate approval routing (and their notifications) based on dollar amount, work type and job location. Each approval is timestamped and stored in the document history for its entire life span.

Audits and Controls

Big Sky undergoes a yearly audit to ensure that our development environment and access, support practices, and internal processes adhere to the strict rules and guidelines of SSAE 16. All so you can trust the transparency and accountability we bring to your processes.

Speedy Processing

Looking for a cure for the arduous and paper-heavy invoice process of stamp, signature, and hand coding? Start with our intuitive manage invoice screen for filtering and viewing invoices and performance; finish with one-click approvals and an automated feed to your A/P system for payment. Save hours per day. High five. Repeat.

A/P Integration

No two invoice integrations are ever the same, and as such our invoice integration tools are flexible enough to meet the needs of any A/P department as part of a standard implementation. Big Sky has experience integrating with all of the major systems including SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Lawson, Basware, Laserfiche, and more.