Catalog based purchasing made easy.

Streamlined Requests for Goods

You’ve got to have the goods with the services to truly be a one-stop shop for everything your locations need. That’s why we built our Purchasing Module – to complete the picture for the end user and ensure they could get everything on their wish list. Along with it came advantages for rollout teams and new store set planning; easing the previously manual process of getting supplies, fixtures, and equipment to locations while tracking cost, fulfillment, shipping, and receiving.

Deliver the (Right) Goods

Provide your end users with a location-specific catalog containing anything and everything they need to purchase for their operations, and nothing more. From fixtures, to supplies, to lighting and more, we’ll compile and categorize items from multiple vendors into one seamless interface.

Approval Required

Route orders to anyone in your organization for review and approval. Maybe the District Manager needs to sign off before a Purchase Order goes out, or possibly the approvals depend on the dollar amount. Once we define the routing for specific order types, the system will handle the rest.

Spread the Wealth

Ordering parts and pieces for multiple locations is easy in Big Sky. Pick your items, define the distribution and allocate the costs across the locations as you see fit, then dispatch a single Purchase Order for all of it.

Do it All Over Again (and Again)

Are you opening location after location, each time with the same long list of items that need to be ordered? Big Sky can help you set up the initial order, then export the template for future use.  Simply import the template the next time you need it and tweak as necessary.

Vendor Integrations

Keep your catalog contents, pricing, and availability up to date with zero input via automated integrations with your vendors. Once into the purchase order process, our free integrations can also send orders, shipments and invoices electronically to and from third party vendor or internal distribution center systems.

Location Specific Catalog

We’ll organize your catalog to ensure that locations can only order items that pertain to them.

Min/Max Controls

Limit one per customer. Cap request quantity in a given time period on an item by item basis.

Acknowledge Receipt

Close the order loop upon delivery by having locations acknowledge receipt of the goods they ordered.

New Store Set

Buy everything you need to get a new location ready to open. Use templates and stop re-inventing the wheel.

Rollouts & Updates

Create one PO for everything you need on your next multi-location rollout, and distribute cost accordingly.

Invoice Automation

Accept, review and approve vendor invoices for payment, complete with line-item cost allocation.