A one stop shop for supporting your locations.

A Unique Set of Challenges

The old way to provide your locations with support and information doesn’t cut it at the current pace of business. E-mail, phone calls, faxes, and clunky ERP systems struggle to deliver the centralized history, tracking, and status feedback that should be the standard; binders or shared folders containing procedures and informational documents make it hard to find the correct guidelines quickly.

An Intuitive Solution

Give your stores, branches and clinics a single place to go for ALL of their needs, delivered in a simple, intuitive interface that sources the issue before delivering the correct solution. Our decision trees guide managers through simple questions to determine the nature and priority of the store operations issue.  Once determined, we deliver a request to the right team for resolution or provide the documentation they need.

A Unified Dashboard

Whether your locations are reporting maintenance, loss prevention, marketing or HR issues, Big Sky gives them one place to do it all.

Store Operations Support

Use the decision tree to allow the locations to input needs beyond facilities and maintenance. Whether it is HR or IT, visual merchandising or marketing, we’ll make sure the request is complete and dispatched to the right home office team for resolution.

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Directed Documentation

The difficulty with documentation is finding the needle in the haystack that is the one piece of information needed at that moment. After answering a couple of quick questions in Big Sky, link your teams to the one and only document needed.

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Stores Give Back

Flip the workflow from the field to the home office, and assign tasks out to the locations for completion. Ask them to install merchandising, update graphics, perform easy maintenance tasks, or simply send photos of their spot and track their completion.

Training & Troubleshooting

Put that training binder back under your desk. Big Sky can display your training, store operations, and troubleshooting material in the decision tree so your store managers see it in context and when it matters most.

Surveys and Assessments

Finally, a repeatable and simple way to assess the condition or content of your fleet of locations. Dispatch surveys to your DMs or field teams and gain a better understanding of the image you are putting forward at each location. Turn that data into company-wide initiatives or capital replacement projects.

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Simple Purchasing

Give your teams in the field a single catalog to purchase supplies, marketing materials, fixtures, lighting and more from multiple vendors (or in house teams!) in a single request. Purchase requests are queued for approval and tracked through the fulfillment and shipping process.

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Know Your Locations (with our help)

Store anything and everything about your locations in one easily accessible place. Big Sky supports a flexible format that allows you to keep track of every factoid you need (even the weird ones only you care about). Whether it’s paint color, one-off fixtures, or utility contacts, we’ve got a place for it.

Analyze and Improve

Report on the store operations requests to finally have some visibility into core needs: What types of issues are coming in? When are they coming and how often? How long does it take the home office teams to respond and resolve? Use the results to improve moving forward.

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